Vintermesterskapet 2018

Vintermesterskapet 2018

Arrangør: Tor Johan Bjelland Nyvoll
Påmeldingsfrist: 27.11.2018 12:00:00




Påmelding fra kr 100,-


The biannual Oslo Championships are tournaments specifically tailored for kyu-kendokas. Its purpose is to give newcomers to Kendo a proper introduction to tournaments (shiai), teaching them all the etiquette and rules and give them the opportunity to meet other kendo practitioners of similar level. The winner of the tournament (shiai) is awarded with a trophy, which will be in his/her possession until the next tournament.
 Contrary to the previous tournament, this time we offer grading for all kyu-levels as well as a tournament designed for those who are too young or to inexperienced to safely enter a shiai.

Deadline for registration:

Tuesday 27th of November 12:00.

 Price: 114 kr 

The price is the same regardless of whether you're just grading, just joining the tournament, or doing both.


This year we are offering two tournament formats, you may join only one of them. If you are unsure of which of these you should enter, consult your sensei.

  1. Uchikomigeiko

The participants will be asked to perform a series of attacks or techniques. The judges will designate a victor according to who executed the attacks the best. Factors which the judges will consider: strong spirit, powerful execution (se-me) and the general quality of the attack.

  1. Shiai

Standard kendo competition format. Participants will fight their way out of the pools in 3-minute matches, before the best enter the finals.


09:45 - Avenue opens

10:00 - Shinai checks

10:15 - Line up

10:30 - Shiai lesson with Marianne-sensei

11:15 - Shinai checks and warm up (uchikomigeiko)

11:45 - Uchikomigeiko

12:15 - Lunch

13:15 – Warm up (shiai)

13:30 - Shiai 

15:00 - Grading

Until 17:00 - Goodwill keiko (if time)

Disclaimer: Schedule might change in accordance with competition or courses taking less time than expected.

General information:

  • There will be no served lunch.
  • For the grading we follow the official guidelines of the Norwegian Kendo Committee.
  • Any questions or requests can be made to:


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