[Grading] Oslo Open 2019

[Grading] Oslo Open 2019

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OSI Kendo and Oslo Kendo have the pleasure to invite you to Oslo Open 2019. We hope to see many old and new friends for a weekend of Kendo in Oslo. 

Please save the date. 

There will be grading up to 5. Dan, as well as individual and team-competitions. 

Time and place:

4th. of May - 5th. of May 2019

Location: Sognsveien 210, 0860 Oslo, Norway

 Registration/payment (not refundable):
 Competition: http://kendo.osi.no/events/ticketcart?eventid=1000027896
 Grading: http://kendo.osi.no/events/ticketcart?eventid=1000027897

Registration closes after 26.04.19 (Earlybird tickets are available until 07.04.19 23:59).


We are happy to announce that the following Senseis will be joining us at this year's event: 

Mats Wahlqvist 7th dan renshi (Sweden)

Kumi Sato 7th dan (Sweden)

Michel Guentleur 7th dan kyoshi (France)

Michael Davis 7th dan kyoshi (Great Britain)

Uwe Kumpf 7th dan kyoshi (Germany)

Chieko Yano 7th dan renshi (Belgium)



Application fee/registration fee:

1.dan NOK 100/200

2.dan NOK 200/300

3.dan NOK 300/400

4.dan NOK 500/600

5.dan NOK 700/800

1. Kyu grades (only nationally) 100/100

OBS! Everyone going for 2.dan+ need to have their grading registered in the EKF systems. Consult your National kendo federation and they will do this for you.






Team (3 players, we will arrange ronin-teams if needed)

Price for competition:

[Earlybird] (available until 07/04)
Competition registration 500 NOK
Competition + "on the floor accommodation" 700 NOK

[Ordinary prices] (available until 26.04)
Competition registration 650 NOK
Competition + on the floor accommodation" 850 NOK


There will be "on the floor" accommodations available for 200NOK (includes both nights) at the scout cabin at Vestgrensa 15. This is by "Forskningsparken" Metro station on the line that also leads to the venue.

 No Lunch is provided. The venue has a general store nearby.

Sayonara party:

Will take place on Saturday the 4. of May.

Schedule (Be aware that some small changes may occur)

Friday 3rd of May

19:00-20:30: Goodwill keiko

Saturday 4th of May

9:00 – Venue opens

9:30 – Registration and shinai-check

10:00 – Line up

10:10 – Kyu, and Ladies.

11:30 – Open competition (pools)

12:30 - Lunch

13:30 – Open competition (continued)

15:00 – Goodwill keiko

19:00 - Sayonara party

Sunday 5th of May

9:00 – Venue opens

9:30 - Registration and shinai-check

10:00 – Team Competition

12:00 - Lunch

13:00 - Grading

If you have any questions feel free to send an e-mail to: osloopen@kendo.osi.no


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