OSI Kendo


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Payment information:

To be paid in advance:

Lunch: 100NOK/ day
Accomodations: 100NOK/ day
Registration fee:
400NOK if registration and payment is recieved before 1.May.
600NOK if registration and payment is recieved after 1.May.
Team: 150NOK per team.

To be paid on site
Application fee/registration fee
4-1kyu (only for norwegian residents) NOK100/100
1.dan NOK 100/200
2.dan NOK 200/300
3.dan NOK 300/400
4.dan NOK 500/600
5.dan NOK 700/800

All payment needs to be done by the 22nd of May.
Please mark the payment with “Oslo Open2017” and your name.
Account number: 36321093021

  For payment outside of Norway:
Account holder: Marianne Skiftesvik
Address: Fyrstikkbakken 9, 0667 Oslo
BANK: Sparebanken Vest
Adress: Postboks 7999 Bergen, 5020 Bergen
IBAN: NO5136321093021